Headache Relief When You Need

Our compression therapy headband with hot/cold gel packs delivers instant headache treatment, unlike anything you’ve ever felt.

Headache Band


Additional Gel Packs



Scientifically developed for your headache relief.

Drug-Free Relief

Cold &anp; Hot Therapy

Neurosurgeon Backed

Compression Therapy

Suboccipital Muscle Release

Immediate Pain Relief

What is Compression Therapy?

Compression therapy has been around for decades as a medical treatment. It has been shown to increase blood flow to the treated areas and to decrease muscle tension. Both of which play a role in headaches.

Compression + Hot/Cold Therapy

Unlike other product which relies solely on cold therapy, the headache band uses a combination of therapies to attack headache pain from all directions. Compression therapy releases muscle tension & soreness in ways that hot/cold therapy can’t alone.